Monday, July 6, 2009

Ash's Mini birthday party!

We let Ash have her own "mini" swimming party for her friends from school this year! Here are a few candids from that day!

Morgan & Sandy

On May 17th, We went to downtown Nashville & I captured some fabulous urban images of my cousin Morgan and her partner, Sandy...


May 15th, my gorgeous friend Heather and I took some shots on the farm..

These are just a few of the great shots I have of her! And, yes, I did process some color ones, but I am such a fan of Black and White photography!!!

Back to May.....

May is when my family's busy season starts! This May we celebrated, my cousin Jon's graduation from the University of Kentucky!

Then we had my birthday, mother's day, my cousin Chris visiting from Seattle, and my Mom's birthday!
On the photography side, I had the awesome opportunity to photograph my first wedding shoot!

In preparation for the wedding, I rented the Fan-tab-ulous Canon 70-200mm 2.8 IS lens.
Man... that lens is NIIIIICCCCEEE!! I so felt like one of the papparazzi with that bad boy on my camera!! I planned a couple other shoots for the time that I would have the lens also!
I will share in separate posts!!

Summer days..

I LOVE summer!!! Warm days, lounging by the pool...playing outside, watching the kids catch lightning bugs.. and no time left to update my poor neglected blog!!

I am going to mass post tonight and tomorrow to get this updated!!!!! :))