Monday, March 15, 2010

The rest and best of 2009!

So, I have given up my OCD method of posting and getting caught up!

So I am going to do a summary post of the rest of 2009 with some of my favorite pics! Scroll and enjoy! **And leave comments! Please!!! I love to hear your thoughts!!**


Adrienne found me from our mutual friend Lindsay. I loved meeting her family! The journey their family has taken, is so incredibly inspiring! Adrienne and Jim are 2 of the strongest and most caring people I have had the pleasure of meeting!

I just love this picture with his blankie!

The first day of school...My baby girl is in First grade!! When did time pass so quickly??!! I can't believe how grown up she is becoming. I am a proud mommy!

I love, love Facebook! Tina and I went all the way thru school together, but until this past August, I hadn't seen her since graduation. I was so excited when we reconnected on FB and she asked me to take some family pictures of her precious family!

This is one of my favorite pictures of ALL time! Tina is gorgeous naturally, and I love the interaction in this photo of her and her son. Next post... September!

Love WTD!!

WTD = What the Duck :)

He is a cute little cartoon character for photographers! I love it! I am going to get This coffee mug.. it makes me smile!