Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I love it so much, I want to marry it!

In July, I got a new Camera!!

Isn't it beautiful?!! When it arrived, I (only half-jokingly) told my husband he would have to sleep on the couch, so that the camera could sleep on his pillow. :))
I didn't really move dear hubby out of the bedroom..I made her a nice bed in my super padded camera bag and she sleeps happily there ;)

I am still in love with it today! It is a great camera!! Here are a few of the first images I captured with it just playing around (read:: mis-matched kiddos with messy hair) that first day!

The Gibbs Family ~ My first family reunion shoot!

My dear friend, Carrie, presented me with a wonderful opportunity this summer. Her family has a big (by big, I mean Huge!) family reunion every 2 years. They always have a family portrait made while everyone is in town for the reunion, and she asked me to be the photographer this year!

This was my first family reunion shoot.. go big, or go home, right?!! :) There were 28 people in the group shot!

The guitar in the front is in memoriam of Travis Cook. His sister Temesa is holding the guitar.

The shoot went great, they are a fun bunch!! I learned a lot that day, and I am so grateful for the opportunity!! :)

Poor neglected blog!!!

If my blog had feelings, no doubt, this would be the face it would make! I have neglected it for so long! I could make a list of reasons..or rather, excuses for why I have neglected it, but there is one real reason:

Obsessive–compulsive personality disorder (OCPD) is a personality disorder which involves an obsession with perfection, rules, and organization.

That being said, I feel like my posts of my photography sessions need to go in order, and since I am so far behind, it is a daunting task to think of even starting!! But, I will. I mean.. I AM going to start. Now. Well, after I finish this post and get the little princess an after school snack ;)

So many days, I think.. oh THIS (insert funny/shocking/amazing story from a day in a mommy/photographer/nurse's life) would be great to blog about! But, I can't do that because of the lack of catch up posting I have done (see above definition).

So. Now, I am going to find princess her snack, and sit right down and start some photo blogging! ;)

Friday, October 9, 2009


2 dishes done... 2 to go!

Last night I made Paula Deen's French toast casserole, and my own version of Buffalo chicken dip ( I use one can chicken, 8oz cream cheese) but, I doubled the recipe for this weekend! :)

Today I will be making Snickerdooodle Blondies And my own Chicken pot pie recipe!

On the photography side, I did a quick mini shoot with my cousin Emily, who is down here staying with my grandparents while she is on fall break. She was super photogenic - and I managed to fire off about 75 pics in 30 minutes! I will be working on those after our mini vacation weekend!

The kids and I have been awake since 0440 this morning. They are super excited to be spending the weekend with Nannie and Papa and my ADD is in overdrive thinking of all the things I need to get done today! Here is hoping for a productive day and a safe trip to VOL Country!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Ok, so starting tonight (well, after I go to the store for ingrediants & get started on making 3 dishes and one dessert for this weekend) I am going to get hoppin' on updating my blog!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I had the opportunity to capture a special time for an old & dear friend! Lindsay and I have known each other since high school, and she and her husband are expecting thier first little miracle in August!

July 4th, 2009

July 4th was a little different this year...the pool was cold, and it rained out the fireworks show! We also had the bad news about Steve McNair :(
We still had a fun party with wonderful friends!! Here are a few candids from the day!

More Birthdays!!!

How to combine a 6 year old girl and 3 year old boy birthday party...

So, the kids birthdays are 3 days apart.. so until they are old enough to only have "friend" birthday parties... we have one H.U.G.E. joint birthday swimming party! All of our family and friends come over to swim, eat, and have cake and presents.. it was a blast this year!!!! We had the best time!
Uncle J.K. brought over Aggie so this year we even had horseback rides!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Ash's Mini birthday party!

We let Ash have her own "mini" swimming party for her friends from school this year! Here are a few candids from that day!

Morgan & Sandy

On May 17th, We went to downtown Nashville & I captured some fabulous urban images of my cousin Morgan and her partner, Sandy...


May 15th, my gorgeous friend Heather and I took some shots on the farm..

These are just a few of the great shots I have of her! And, yes, I did process some color ones, but I am such a fan of Black and White photography!!!

Back to May.....

May is when my family's busy season starts! This May we celebrated, my cousin Jon's graduation from the University of Kentucky!

Then we had my birthday, mother's day, my cousin Chris visiting from Seattle, and my Mom's birthday!
On the photography side, I had the awesome opportunity to photograph my first wedding shoot!

In preparation for the wedding, I rented the Fan-tab-ulous Canon 70-200mm 2.8 IS lens.
Man... that lens is NIIIIICCCCEEE!! I so felt like one of the papparazzi with that bad boy on my camera!! I planned a couple other shoots for the time that I would have the lens also!
I will share in separate posts!!

Summer days..

I LOVE summer!!! Warm days, lounging by the pool...playing outside, watching the kids catch lightning bugs.. and no time left to update my poor neglected blog!!

I am going to mass post tonight and tomorrow to get this updated!!!!! :))

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My first Wedding Shoot

When the Bride first asked me to photograph her wedding, I was SO flattered! But, I said, "oh no... not your big day! I don't have the experience, or the equipment!"

Well after she and I talked about it, I relented... and said, "Yes!" I was SUPER excited, nervous, and honored to be able to photograph a wedding... being entrusted with timeless memories!!!

The wedding was outside, and though there was a threat of thunderstorms, the storms stayed away, and the sun shone thru the clouds for the wedding! It was a beautiful day, and I had a blast taking pictures and being with all of the family and friends there! Here are a few of my favorite images of the day!

Happily ever after.... Hand in Hand :-)

Monday, May 18, 2009

In the editing room....

But I will be back this week... with Lots of pics of the 3 Amazing shoots I had this weekend!!! :D

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Prom 2009

I had the opportunity to do some pre-prom photos for T. She is so gorgeous, it is hard to take a bad pic of her!! I will have the rest on my Website later today!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Wow! Its been a busy few weeks!

The past few weeks have been SUPER busy! I have lots of pics to share! Here are a few snapshots from Easter!

Too much Candy!!!

This pic has lots of things wrong with it, but they look so darn cute, I love it!!

Ash helping Nannie wash dishes :)