Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Gibbs Family ~ My first family reunion shoot!

My dear friend, Carrie, presented me with a wonderful opportunity this summer. Her family has a big (by big, I mean Huge!) family reunion every 2 years. They always have a family portrait made while everyone is in town for the reunion, and she asked me to be the photographer this year!

This was my first family reunion shoot.. go big, or go home, right?!! :) There were 28 people in the group shot!

The guitar in the front is in memoriam of Travis Cook. His sister Temesa is holding the guitar.

The shoot went great, they are a fun bunch!! I learned a lot that day, and I am so grateful for the opportunity!! :)

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Farah Cook said...

Thank you Mandy for being patient while Mark, Temesa and I collected ourselves for the first Gibbs family photo without Travis. It was difficult for us but you did a great job.